The main objective of the LIFE-IP ForEst&FarmLand is to implement the most critical part of the Estonian Prioritised Actions Framework (PAF) for Natura 2000 related to forests and agricultural land.

More precisely LIFE-IP ForEst&FarmLand aims to:

  • improve the conservation status of forest and farmland habitats and species to achieve results that benefit whole ecosystems;
  • improve conservation practices and collaboration between administrative authorities; and
  • raise awareness and capacity of main stakeholders and general public, including the use of innovative conservation tools and solutions.

The activities are divided into 6 thematic areas, namely (1) forest protection, (2) restauration of semi-natural grasslands, (3) nature friendly agriculture, (4) protection of species, (5) development of IT-systems for planning and implementing nature conservation work, and (6) environmental awareness and everyone’s nature conservation.

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