July 26, 2022

Maris Sepp

Experts assess the population of four invasive species during field work

Despite the showers and thunderstorms last week, nature conservation experts from the Environmental Board went to see the invasive species mapped this spring to assess their growth and population. We can now say that these sites have been fully overtaken by invasive species. For example, the tallest measured Japanese knotweed reached a height of four metres. In addition, native species often fail to grow under these expansive colonies.

July 22, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

Semi-natural grasslands managers are testing a results-based support system

This week, together with scientists from the Environmental Board and the University of Tartu, the managers of the semi-natural grasslands in Lahemaa assessed the biodiversity of their meadows, along with the ease or difficulty of mowing and grazing, and how the area being cared for and the natural values found there have changed over the years.

July 14, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

The best mappers of invasive species will make it to the Forest Kitchen!

The ‘Spot the Invasive Species!’ campaign is still ongoing, in which we are calling on people to report on the wild habitats of four invasive species – knotweeds, the common snowberry, the false spiraea, and goldenrods!

July 13, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

Heritage Meadows Day on the coastal meadows of Paljassaare

For this year’s Heritage Meadows Day, which took place on 2 July, we organised five different hikes to meadows and floodplain meadows in different parts of Estonia.

June 18, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

With the support of the project, Ukrainian children and their parents visited the Lahemaa National Park

This year, the Ministry of the Environment offered Ukrainian children and their parents the opportunity to visit Estonia’s natural values during Nature Conservation Month, and LIFE-IP ForEst&FarmLand provided financial and organisational support.

June 1, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

The birthday of LIFE Programme was spent in water

On 28th of May, the LIFE programme - EU’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action - celebrated its 30th birthday. To celebrate this day, ten projects funded by the programme opened their doors in Estonia to show how we have contributed to nature and well-being.

April 6, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

LIFE-IP ForEst&FarmLand supports the Estonian Fund for Nature theme year dedicated to the common spadefoot

As the ForEst&FarmLand project is planning to dig hundreds of small water bodies suitable for the common spadefoot and the northern crested newt, we are especially happy to cooperate with the Estonian Fund for Nature as part of their theme year dedicated to the common spadefoot!

February 17, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

Mrs Ulvi and Mr. Tiit Uusoja, Mrs. Ülle Tamm and Mr. Viljar Ilves recognized as outstanding managers of semi-natural grasslands

On February 17, 2022, the Environmental Board together with the project team of ForEst&FarmLand selected the most outstanding managers of semi-natural grasslands in Estonia! Among thirteen nominees, Ülle Tamm from Manilaid, Tiit and Ulvi Uusoja from Hiiumaa and Viljar Ilves from Alam-Pedja were selected as laureates. All of them have contributed to community activities as well as to sectoral development, with a commitment to excellence, exemplary caretaking of the lands and green thinking and action.

February 1, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

Hunters help bird nesting in coastal meadows

On February 1, 2022 a pilot project was launched with the funding from the project ForEst&FarmLand and implemented by the Environmental Board and the Estonian Hunters' Association to reduce the impact of small carnivores on birds nesting in the coastal meadows of Läänemaa, Hiiumaa and Muhumaa.