June 19, 2023

The European liaison officers of the LIFE programme went wading in the waters of Mädapea

Kaidi Tingas

In June we hosted LIFE programme liaison officers from 18 European countries in the oak forests of Mädapea, at the ponds which are home to the common spadefoot toad, introducing them to the restoration of small bodies of water and attempting to save the population of the common spadefoot toad and the great crested newt.


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May 12, 2023

We have a new partner!

Kaidi Tingas

At the beginning of this year, we were joined by MTÜ Siuts and with that, two young talents: Software Engineer Tanel Peet, who is the creator and developer of the bird song app Siuts, and Designer of Web Services Kaja Kruus, who is the author of the app's quirky design.


May 11, 2023

Starting this spring, managers of seminatural grasslands will be able to take part in the assessment of the natural values of their land

Kaidi Tingas

As of 10th of May managers of seminatural grasslands can apply for maintenance support from PRIA. For the first time, they will be able to select assessment of natural values of the land they manage as an additional activity. Forms and guidance materials have been developed for the assessment of natural values, and extra funds will be received for completing them.

March 1, 2023

6,000 landowners of seminatural grasslands received a letter from us!

Kaidi Tingas

The Environmental Board has sent out the first newsletter to 6,000 Estonian landowners who have at least 1 ha of seminatural grasslands.

The newsletter sheds light on our traditional landscapes and the need to manage them, and gives advice on how to proceed if a landowner has the desire and interest to start managing the seminatural grasslands on their land.