July 14, 2022

Kaidi Tingas

The best mappers of invasive species will make it to the Forest Kitchen!

The ‘Spot the Invasive Species!’ campaign is still ongoing, in which we are calling on people to report on the wild habitats of four invasive species – knotweeds, the common snowberry, the false spiraea, and goldenrods!

The five most diligent mappers of invasive species will be rewarded with the chance to partake in a mighty woodland feast, together with food therapist, photographer, and outdoor food advocate Hele-Mai Alamaa, at the end of August. Prepare food, eat, and enjoy!

Three more enthusiastic mappers will have the chance to win a prize in the form of the new and beautiful book Metsapoole Maitsed – Taimed ja Toit, which introduces Estonia’s wild food plants and takes you on a poetic journey from plant mandalas to practical home recipes.

To take part, you will first need to download the app ‘Loodusvaatluste nutirakendus’ from either Google Play or the App Store, log in as a user, and open ‘Spot an Invasive Species!’ under Projects on the app’s home page.

All observations are of benefit to both scientists and conservationists – the submitted data helps us map invasive species and eradicate them, if necessary!

The winners will be announced in the first week of August!

Read more about these invasive species here. Find out more about the mapping methodology in the app ‘Loodusvaatluste nutirakendus’ and start observing!

Photos: Hele-Mai Alamaa