August 15, 2023

We test new techniques for alien species control in 44 areas

Kaidi Tingas

This summer, tests to control four large-growing alien species — knotweeds, false spiraea, goldenrods and snowberry — started by using innovative methods, including geotextile coating and hot steam treatment! Two of these species, goldenrods and knotweeds, are invasive alien species, the cultivation and distribution of which is prohibited in Estonia! But the two others, the false spiraea and the snowberry, form life-threatening thickets when they spread from gardens into the wild, and then it is almost impossible for other plants to in survive in the areas which have been overtaken.

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August 1, 2023

The hatching rate of meadow waders in the pilot areas has experienced a slight uptrend

Triin Kaasiku

This spring, the Nature Conservation Biology Working Group of the University of Tartu monitored 22 pairs of meadow waders nesting in coastal meadows and the hatching rate of nests in 19 project areas. In five coastal meadows, the hatching rate exceeded the limit necessary for the reproduction of the population. It gives us hope that we are on the right track to improve the well-being of the meadow waders.