LiFE IP ForEst&FarmLand

In 2020 LIFE IP project ForEst&FarmLand (“Comprehensive management of forest and farming landscapes to improve the conservation status of Natura 2000 habitats and species”) was launched, involving all key players from universities, forestry sector and nature conservation as well as NGOs to jointly protect and restore Estonian landscapes and ecosystems and to improve the condition of the species and habitats in Estonian forests and agricultural lands.

The project (2020-2029) is led by the Ministry of the Environment and the total cost of the project is € 19,561,784.


26. July 2022

Experts assess the population of four invasive species during field work

Maris Sepp

Despite the showers and thunderstorms last week, nature conservation experts from the Environmental Board went to see the invasive species mapped this spring to assess their growth and population. We can now say that these sites have been fully overtaken by invasive species. For example, the tallest measured Japanese knotweed reached a height of four metres. In addition, native species often fail to grow under these expansive colonies.

22. July 2022

Semi-natural grasslands managers are testing a results-based support system

Kaidi Tingas

This week, together with scientists from the Environmental Board and the University of Tartu, the managers of the semi-natural grasslands in Lahemaa assessed the biodiversity of their meadows, along with the ease or difficulty of mowing and grazing, and how the area being cared for and the natural values found there have changed over the years.