LiFE IP ForEst&FarmLand

In 2020 LIFE IP project ForEst&FarmLand (“Comprehensive management of forest and farming landscapes to improve the conservation status of Natura 2000 habitats and species”) was launched, involving all key players from universities, forestry sector and nature conservation as well as NGOs to jointly protect and restore Estonian landscapes and ecosystems and to improve the condition of the species and habitats in Estonian forests and agricultural lands.

The project (2020-2029) is led by the Ministry of the Environment and the total cost of the project is € 19,561,784.


19. June 2023

The European liaison officers of the LIFE programme went wading in the waters of Mädapea

Kaidi Tingas

In June we hosted LIFE programme liaison officers from 18 European countries in the oak forests of Mädapea, at the ponds which are home to the common spadefoot toad, introducing them to the restoration of small bodies of water and attempting to save the population of the common spadefoot toad and the great crested newt.


16. June 2023

Photography training course took place in the Laelatu wooded meadow

Kaidi Tingas

There was great interest in Sven Začek's photography course organised on the 9th and 10th of June in the Laelatu wooded meadow. The terrace of the University of Tartu Biology Station was the perfect place for measuring exposure and conducting the training.