January 24, 2024

Kaidi Silm

Collaboration with Estonian farmers to reconcile food production, biodiversity and healthy soils is noticed by Bankwatch Network!

The biodiversity of Estonia, and indeed of Europe as a whole, is fundamentally linked to its agricultural landscapes. Unfortunately due to intensive agricultural practices, Estonia’s diverse landscapes have been replaced by monoculture fields.

Our farmers now test agro-ecological techniques to determine which techniques are most effective promoting biodiversity without resulting in significant yield loss. In spring 2023, agricultural company Sadala Agro OÜ and Järvamaa Vocational Education Centre established a demonstration field incorporating various strips of grassland. The strips help both pollinators and the natural enemies of pests reach the innermost areas of the larger field sections.

Also the work involves experimenting with techniques that increase soil carbon sequestration, measures that improve pollination and natural pest control, and practices that improve food production and nature conservation.

ForEst&FarmLand project aims to improve the conservation status of Estonia’s protected habitats and species, and to restore ecosystems and biodiversity-rich agricultural lands. Also project helps to bring together scientists, farmers, land managers and local communities to test out a range of nature conservation activities and methods, including traditional and innovative approaches.