March 1, 2023

Kaidi Tingas

6,000 landowners of seminatural grasslands received a letter from us!

The Environmental Board has sent out the first newsletter to 6,000 Estonian landowners who have at least 1 ha of seminatural grasslands.

The newsletter sheds light on our traditional landscapes and the need to manage them, and gives advice on how to proceed if a landowner has the desire and interest to start managing the seminatural grasslands on their land.

We also want to use the newsletter to reach landowners who are not involved in livestock farming or agriculture and therefore do not have the capacity to manage the meadows, but who are interested in renting out land, as many active managers would like to rent land.

The newsletter is part of the Environmental Board's new advisory service for owners of semi-natural grasslands, which is designed to attract more people to manage seminatural grasslands and by 2027 to manage 10,000 more hectares of seminatural grasslands compared to today.